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Our mission is to provide high quality representation to our clients, fulfilling the governmental obligation of effective assistance of counsel, fundamental fairness and due process. Our goal is to provide client-centered advice, holistic representation and zealous advocacy. Our commitment is to treat our clients with dignity, compassion and fairness.
Mary S. McElroy, Public Defender
Rhode Island Public Defender
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We actively seek input from our clients and community members about our office's work. A central part of a client-centered practice is receiving client input about our services. All of our offices have feedback forms for our clients to offer suggestions about our office and ways to improve our work. You also can call our Community Outreach Liaison directly if you are interested in setting up a one-on-one meeting to offer feedback.

In addition to encouraging input, we also offer to advise community members (including students) about open court rooms available for watching and, if planned in advance, will also explain courtroom procedures. We believe it is important for community members to observe courtrooms so they can have a better understanding of court proceedings. If you are interested in assistance in observing open courtrooms, contact our Community Outreach Liaison.

One specific project of our office is the Homeless Outreach Project where we reach out to homeless individuals and service providers to offer support on warrant removal and expungement. We speak at shelters, train homeless service providers on warrant cancellation and expungement and, each month, several members of our office volunteer at the Mathewson Street Church soup kitchen.

Our partners range from small community organizations to large social justice coalitions. Click on the link to learn more about these partners and their work.

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