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Our mission is to provide high quality representation to our clients, fulfilling the governmental obligation of effective assistance of counsel, fundamental fairness and due process. Our goal is to provide client-centered advice, holistic representation and zealous advocacy. Our commitment is to treat our clients with dignity, compassion and fairness.
Mary S. McElroy, Public Defender

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Public Defender Intake Unit

Intake Coordinator

The Intake division, located at the J. Joseph Garrahy Courthouse, One Dorrance Plaza, Providence, is responsible for interviewing all potential clients referred to the Office by state courts or who self-refer requesting representation. Interviews generally occur in the courthouse where the potential client's case is pending, but any client statewide may be interviewed at the Garrahy Courthouse. Intake interviewers do not determine eligibility, but they take the most important step in the process by gathering facts related to both the case and the potential client’s financial situation.

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